Verdant Cog is a counterpoint to the hypernetworked breakneck tidal wave culture of modern technology.

The world deserves better than freemium games, privacy-encroaching social platforms, and a parade of cash-in startups.

Our task is to equip purposeful people with focused, valuable, beautiful software, starting with Apple devices.

We respect our users by treating your attention as a scarce and valuable resource.

We respect our tools by pursuing visions which do justice to their power.

We respect our product by approaching its development as an artform and treating profit as a means to the end of doing great work.

We believe that the best way to share our convictions and enthusiasm is to put them into our work, so we're busy building apps that make life better.

Our first project is to take the N-Back mental training exercise, one of the few exercises with hard scientific data supporting it, and craft a superior experience around it which you'll want to keep coming back to.

Not many people use N-Back because it is hard. We don't want to make it easier. We want to make it better.

We hope you appreciate our mission.

If you would like monthly updates on what we're accomplishing, feel free to add your email below. :)